What is vasthu?

Vasthu shastra is a traditional science of architecture, mostly believed by hindu community. Vasthu Shasthra is a sanskrith word, vas means live, stay, reside, vasthu means foundation of house or land or building or any place, shasthra is nothing but knowledge script. Vasthu shasthra means script of architectural science.
Vasthu shasthra tells how a construction should be planned to channelise positive energy in and around the construction. A good implementation of vasthu will bring peace and prosperity to the people in the construction.
Initially vasthu shastra was used to construct temples, later people started using vasthu shastra for every construction like homes, offices, hotels, etc. Many modern constructions are also build according to the vasthu shasthra. Vasthu shastra is also providing guidelines to the modern architects in building construction according to the vasthu and modern designs.


Our consulting services

Home vasthu

Home is the place where people spend 70% of their life time, so home is the best place to plan according to the vasthu. Having home according to the vasthu can lead to peaceful life. We plan all the houses structures according to the vasthu.

Business vasthu

A peaceful atmosphere, a positive energy will lead to work with a positive zeal. Business places are the second place where people spend most of their time. So business places should be constructed according to the vasthu. Let us plan a beautiful office for your organisational growth.

Vasthu sketches

We also deal with vasthu sketches, you provide us your requirements of your plot or construction, our team will work on your construction and provide you the best plans with neat sketches. We work on complete vasthu plan according to the modern world.